Universal & Term Life


Medicare & Disability

Accidental & Critical Illness Supplements



Long Term Care


These are the main services we offer our clients. If you are interested in any of the services from the list above please give us a call to discuss the plan that is right for you. Call 954-529-5564


Dr Joseph Angelini (Chiropractor) , of Landings Chiropractic Center, Fort Lauderdale FL, office 954-202 -9709

"Alexander knew exactly what insurance I as looking for, and being a doctor who uses insurance, he was able to get me one that I personally use and a network that I am happy to refer to my patients."  

Brian P. Haggerty,(Realtor) of Haggerty Real Estate Services, Boca Raton FL, office 561-789- 4056

"Alex was able to save me money on my premiums and get me better coverage, the money he saved me added up to over $1100 a year."